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We advertise you at the top and right hand side of Google search results when potential customers search a keyword relating to your business. The ads we display to them are designed to make you stand out and change based on the keyword your prospects search. You only pay when someone clicks through to your website, and we can start and stop running your ads any time. The cost per click starts from as little as 10 cents per click.

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We advertise you on a variety of news sites, blogs and other niche sites across the web to help you reach more potential customers. Ad formats include text, image, interactive and video ads that are shown to those who are likely to be most interested in what you offer. We target your prospects on specific websites relevant to what you’re selling, or general websites targeting users based on their interests or behaviour. Our targeted display advertising gets you seen in the right place at the right time.

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Video ads combined have around 1.5 billion users. We can advertise you to any one of those users based on their age, location, demographics and interests. The data gathered by social media websites allow us to pinpoint precisely your ideal target customer, meaning your ads show only to the people you want reach. With options to pay only when someone sees your ads, or when someone clicks your ad makes social media advertising extremely affordable too.

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On average only 2% of visitors to your website will contact you. With retargeting we help you reach the other 98% by placing your ads in from of them as they browse around the web. We can retarget people in search results, on Facebook, Twitter and all around the web as they browse on any device. Using segmentation techniques we show tailored messages to people who have visited a specific page on your site. Retargeting is four times more effective than general web based advertising.


We target your audience wherever they are on the web

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"I would certainly recommend Click Jam and in particular James Reynolds. Professional and friendly, these guys will certainly get your webpage noticed!"

Google PPC Management For UnlimITed IT
Ross McGregor

UnlimITed IT, Dubai

"Working with these guys has been a pleasurable breeze. They take time to really understand your business needs and tailor their support accordingly."

PPC Advertising Management For HSS
Emily Keating

HSS, Dubai

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