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TJ53 – How To Learn Copywriting by Selling Rave Lights and Partying All Night ~ Neville Medhora

Neville Medhora header

  As Neville Medhora discovered in a drunken blur one night pushing rave lights, getting your email list to buy your stuff requires more than just selling. You need to find the right way to get them to open your emails, read what you have to say, and decide they need your product to make […]

TJ43 – Copywriting Formula That Creates An Instant Bond with Your Prospects – Kevin Rogers

Kevin Rogers header

  After spending more than ten years as a “Dead Broke Standup Comic” Kevin Rogers discovered a simple (but effective) joke formula that worked for him and others with repeated success. This simple rapport building joke formula, to Kevin’s discovery, also works in marketing to build an instant bond with prospects. The 60-Second Sales Hook as Kevin […]

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