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TJ63 – How to Buy Traffic to Your Website That Is Predisposed to Buy All That You Got ~ Jonathan Mizel

Jonathan Mizel header

  Some twenty years ago it was easy to rank on the first page of Google. There were few websites competing for the top ten spots. Fast forward to the present, there are now millions of websites, and competition is rife. Smart marketers like Jonathan Mizel have turned to paid traffic with ever growing inventory, segmentation and targeting options […]

Will my ads be shown every time someone searches for my keyword?

Q) Will my ads be shown every time someone searches for my keyword? This is a great question and one I get asked a fair bit. Let’s get into the answer…. Each time someone, somewhere in the world searches, the clever people (technology actually) at Google finds all ads whose keywords match that particular search […]

TJ30 – Semantic Search: The Transformation of SEO As You Know It with David Amerland

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  The world of search is constantly changing and how it was defined in the past does not reflect how it works today. With the evolution of Semantic Search, the practice of Search Engine Optimisation has evolved (thankfully) too. The skewing of results through manipulative tactics is near on gone, and the way to reign […]

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