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If my competitor clicks on my ads, do I get charged?

The pay-per-click model is loved by advertisers, including me, because quite literally you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. No click, no cost. It’s the perfect “fail-safe” advertising model, right? Well, perhaps. Switched on business owners realise that if they get charged when someone clicks on their ad, then their competitors too will […]

I Can’t See My Ads: Why Aren’t My Adwords Ads Showing?

“I can’t see my ads – why aren’t my damn Adwords ads showing?” I’ve responded to this question from confused, occasionally angry customers more than a handful of times. Here’s the scenario…..   You (the customer) goes to Google and you type in a search term being targeted by your agency in your campaign…you check […]

Cost-Per-Click Advertising Explained

Fact! There is no industry filled with more custom gobbledygook (real word, look it up!) than online advertising. CPM, CTR, native ads, contextual display, negative keywords, day parting…. yada, yada yada. I forgive you in advance for swearing if you are about to ask what the $#!@ does all that jargon mean?! Two of the […]

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